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Ozark Mountain Daredevils

The "Ozark Mountain Daredevils" were a Southern rock band formed in 1971 at Springfield, Missouri. They were most widely known for their singles "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" in 1973 and "Jackie Blue" in 1974.

Some have described the band's sound as a "countrified Steely Dan."

"Original Band"

* John Dillon - (vocals, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, piano, harp, autoharp, dulcimer, jawbone, percussion, keyboards)

* Mike 'Supe' Granda - (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, chicken squawks)

* Buddy Brayfield - (vocals, oboe, piano, harpsichord, organ, percussion, electric piano)

* Randle Chowning (vocals, lead electric & acoustic guitars, harp, national steel, mandolin)

* Steve Cash (vocals, harp, percussion, harpsichord)

* Larry Lee - (vocals, drums, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, piano, percussion, saw, saw & board)

"Additional Members"

* Bill Brown (deceased) - (vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitars)

* Ron Gremp - (drums, percussion)

* Steve Canaday (deceased) - (vocals, drums, guitar, bass, 'fair witness')

* Rune Walle - (vocals, guitars, sitar, banjo)

* Jerry Mills - (mandolin)

* Rue...

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