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Paddy Casey

"Paddy Casey" is an Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin. He busked in Dublin and Galway from an early age until he was discovered by legendary producer Muff Winwood and signed by Sony, under Principle Management.

Paddy Casey’s music is appealing to a wide audience. His debut album was one rich in soulful grooves and catchy hooks. The album opened loudly with the rousing ''Fear'', and ended with the angry and despondent ''It’s Over Now'', while exploring themes of loneliness, loss, love and social problems facing the young generation along the way. Paddy lists influences such as Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder in his work, and this influence shines in songs like the memorable ''Downtown'', and the haunting ''Would U B''. His sophomore effort, Living, saw Casey returning to the themes of solitude and isolation with songs such as ''Don’t Need Anyone'', ''Want It Can’t Have It'' and the poignant ''Anyone That’s Yet To Come''. But this time, there was a greater sense of urgency in his voice, as the singer sought redemption through discovering hidden beauty in the people around him, in songs like ''Miracle'' and ''The Lucky One'',...

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