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Paddy Reilly

Paddy Reilly (b. October 18, 1939) is an Irish folk singer and guitarist. He is one of Ireland's most famous balladeers and is best known for his renditions of The Fields of Athenry and The Town I Loved So Well. Paddy has been known to mix up his songs with mythical/legendary characters such as John G. McGurk?, Barnie McGee?, Uncle J.J. McKay?, Slugger O'toole, Patrick "Fisticuffs" Norton, Paul P. "Stomach Shelf" Norkas and Hogan from County Tyrone.

For years a solo performer, he joined The Dubliners in 1996 as a replacement for long time member Ronnie Drew.

He currently owns a number of bars in New York, including Paddy Reilly's on 29th Street and 2nd Avenue.

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Paddy Reilly

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