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"Pariah", originally the name of the "Pariah people" in India, has gained widespread use as an analogy, especially in the phrase "social pariah", as a term for anyone considered an outcast or noticeably different by others.

The British politician Palmerston used the term this way in an 1850 speech

This word is sometimes considered to be offensive. It has also been adopted as:

*Pariah dog, a breed of primitive dogs.

*Pariah, a comic book character.

*Pariah, a video game for PC and Xbox.

*Pariah, a musical group.

*Pariah state — for example, apartheid South Africa (until 1994), Zimbabwe for alleged human rights violations, and Israel.

*Pariah, the name for elite Necron troops in the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game.

*Pariah, a 2005 album by Naglfar band.

*Pariah, a production company that produces showbiz show with David Spade.

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