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Patrick Simmons

Patrick Simmons

"Patrick Simmons" (born October 19, 1948) is an American singer and guitarist for the rock band The Doobie Brothers.

Simmons co-founded the Doobies in 1970 with northern California musicians Tom Johnston, John Hartman and Dave Shogren. He specialized in fingerstyle guitar, picking intricate patterns on both acoustic and electric guitars while Johnston strummed or riffed alongside him. Simmons and Johnston both played lead guitar, as well, albeit with distinctly different yet complementary styles. In the early years, Simmons' vocal style resembled that of Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin.

Following an unsuccessful debut, the band revamped its line-up late in 1971 and hit the charts the following year with Johnston's "Listen to the Music," which featured Simmons' voice on the bridge. Simmons also performed the gospel-style lead vocal on the hit "Jesus is Just Alright."

For several years, Simmons' compositions were essentially deep album cuts or B-Sides to Johnston's (and later, Michael McDonald's) radio-friendly singles. Among his many contributions were the title song from ''Toulouse Street'' and "Clear as the Driven Snow" and "South City Midnight Lady" from ''The C...

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