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Patty Larkin

"Patty Larkin" is a Boston-based singer-songwriter. Born in Iowa, (June 19, 1951), she trained at the Berklee College of Music before pursuing a solo career in folk music. Her songwriting has been praised for its wit, and her technical guitar playing has also received praise (which she made light fun of in her feminist song, "Not Bad for a Broad'").

In 1990, she joined Christine Lavin, Megan McDonough, and Sally Fingerett to form the Four Bitchin' Babes, with whom she toured and recorded one album.

In 2005, Larkin produced ''La Guitara'', a compilation of songs performed by female guitarists designed to answer the question, "Why are there no great female guitar players?" with the answer being that "There are–and here they are."


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