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Paul Carrack

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"Paul Carrack" (born April 22, 1951 in Sheffield, England) is an English keyboardist, singer and songwriter. Carrack has had multiple careers which have overlapped over the last three-plus decades. He has been a member of several bands including Ace, Squeeze, and Mike & the Mechanics, been a session and touring musician for several others, and has enjoyed success as a solo artist as well. His distinctive voice shows up on some of his affiliated bands' best-known hits.


Carrack's recording career began with the progressive rock band "Warm Dust", who released 3 albums of original material between 1970 and 1972. Carrack was the keyboard player for Warm Dust, and occasionally played other instruments as well, but he was not the band's lead vocalist.

After Warm Dust broke up, Carrack and Warm Dust bassist Tex Comer helped to found the pub rock band "Ace". Carrack wrote and sang "How Long", Ace's debut single and a hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1975. However, no further Ace recordings caught on.

In 1977 Ace disbanded and Carrack began working as a backing musician for "Frankie Miller". This was followed by a turn as a m...

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