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"Pegboy" was an US-American punk band from Chicago, founded 1990 by John Haggerty (who played guitar with Naked Raygun), along with his brother Joe Haggerty (drums), Larry Damore (vocals/guitar), and Steve Saylors (bass). Both Damore and Saylors had been members of Chicago-based hardcore band Bhopal Stiffs. Pegboy's 1990 debut EP, "Three-Chord Monte", was also the first release by Quarterstick Records, an off shoot of Touch And Go Records. Steve Saylors dropped out in 1992 after job commitments prevented him from touring. Steve Albini, a longtime friend of the band, filled the bass slot on the "Fore" EP. Former Naked Raygun bassist Pierre Kezdy became the permanent bass player in 1994. Per their record label, Pegboy disbanded in 2000 but still plays sometimes around Chicago.

"Peg boy" is a slang term for a young male prostitute, refering to an alleged (and most certainly apocryphal) naval practice of enlisting a young boy soley for the sexual gratification of the crew, and seating him on a peg to keep him "loose."

* Joe Haggerty (Drummer)

* John Haggerty (Guitar)

* Pierre Kezdy (Bass, since 1994)

* Larry Damore (Vocals, Guitar)

* Steve Saylors (...

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