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"Pentagram" are a long-running American heavy metal band from Virginia, most famous as performers of Sabbathesque doom metal. The band has existed in some form since the early 1970s but did not release any full-length albums until the 1980s.

Pentagram are still active and continue to release records.


*'' Be Forewarned/Lazy Lady'' (1972)

*'' Hurricane/Earth Flight'' (1973)

*'' Under My Thumb/ When the Screams Come'' (1973)

*'' Livin' in a Ram's head/When the Screams Come'' (1979)

*'' Relentless/Day of Reckoning'' (1993)


*''Pentagram'' (1985)

*''Day Of Reckoning'' (1987)

*''Be Forewarned'' (1994)

*''Human Hurricane'' (1998)

*''Review Your Choices'' (1999)

*''Sub-Basement'' (2001)

*''Show 'Em How'' (2004)


*''A Keg Full Of Dynamite (live '78)'' (2003)


*'' First Daze Here'' (2001)

*''Turn To Stone'' (2002)

*'' First Daze Here Too'' (2006)

*Mezarkabul — Turkish heavy-metal band called Pentagram.



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Background group or band
Origin Virginia, USA
Genre Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Years active 1972 - Present
Current members Victor Griffin
Joe Hasselvander
Bobby Liebling
Vince McAllister
Greg Mayne
Geof O'Keefe
Martin Swaney
Stuart Rose
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia