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The term "perfect" has several different uses, some stemming from its original meaning (complete, absolute) and some from the more recent development of its evaluative aspect (faultless, most excellent):

* For the mathematical concept see perfect number.

* In formal methods of computing, see Perfect Developer.

* For the philosophical concept see perfection (concept).

* For the grammatical concept see perfect aspect.

* For the legal concept see perfection (law).

* In botany and mycology, an organism is considered perfect if it is capable of sexual reproduction; otherwise it is imperfect.

**Fungi in the Division Deuteromycota (informally called the ''Fungi imperfecti'') are so classified because sexual reproduction is unknown (or may not occur) in these species.

**A flower is called "perfect" (or ''synoecious'') if it has both male and female reproductive parts. A perfect or hermaphroditic flower has both stamens and an ovary. If a flower has just male or just female parts it is termed "imperfect".

* In music:

** Perfect intervals include the perfect octave, perfect fifth, perfect fourth, and perfect unison.

** Perfect (John Cale song)

** Perfect (Ala...

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