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"Pestilence" were a death / thrash metal band from the Netherlands founded in 1986. Later they incorporated more jazz and fusion influences in their music. They released four albums before disbanding in order to pursue other musical directions in 1994.

Pestilence began in the Netherlands in the mid 1986 as a thrash metal band. The lineup, consisting of Patrick Mameli (guitar, vocals), Randy Meinhard (guitar), and Marco Foddis (drums), recorded two demos before gaining the attention of Roadrunner Records. After the first demo, Martin van Drunen (bass/vocals) joined them. These two demos - ''Dysentery'' (1986) and ''The Penance'' (1987) - are raw, sounding mostly like a cross between Possessed and ''Schizophrenia''-era Sepultura. After signing to Roadrunner Records, Pestilence released their debut album titled ''Malleus Malficarum'' in 1988, further refining their approach to thrash metal. The new material was tighter and more focused than the demos. Shortly thereafter, guitarist Randy Meinhard left the band to pursue other musical goals in a new band named Sacrosanct.

Meanwhile, Pestilence recruited a new guitar player by the name of Patrick Uterwijk. In 1989, the ba...

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