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Pete Tong

Pete Tong

"Pete Tong" (born July 1960) is a British DJ who works for BBC Radio 1 in the United Kingdom. He is known worldwide by fans of electronic music for hosting programs such as ''Essential Mix'' and ''Essential Selection'' on the radio service, which can be heard through Internet radio streams, for his label FFRR Records, and for his own performances at nightclubs across the globe. Tong has also worked as a music producer.

The phrase ''"It's all gone a bit Pete Tong"'', where the name is used as cockney rhyming slang for ''"wrong"'', was reputedly first coined by Mark Radcliffe. However, on his show of 28th November 2005, Mark Radcliffe credited his erstwhile sidekick Marc "Lard" Riley with inventing the term.

''It's All Gone Pete Tong'' is also the title of a recent (2004) comedy film, which is somewhat biographical in its portrayal of a DJ's experiences as he realises that he is becoming deaf. Tong makes a brief appearance in the film, as himself.

Pete Tong was born in Dartford Kent during July 1960 and was educated at King's School Rochester.

Pete's original musical interest was in drumming, but he soon moved on to DJing. He played his first public gig at a ...

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