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Peter Schilling

"Peter Schilling" (born "Pierre Michael Schilling" on January 28, 1956, Stuttgart, Germany) is a German synthpop musician whose songs often feature science-fiction themes (aliens, astronauts, nuclear holocausts, etc.). His 1983 album, ''Error in the System'', generated his only international hit single, "Major Tom (Coming Home)", a retelling of David Bowie's classic 1969 song "Space Oddity". Although the song was originally recorded in German, the international hit version was sung in English. In 1984 and 1985, Peter released the albums 120 Grad and 120 Grad's English language version, 1985's Things To Come. From 1986- 1989, Peter released non-album singles and put out his 1989 compliation The Different Story. In 1990, Peter suffered a Burn-Out and the following year he took a break. In 1994, Peter married his girlfriend Catyana. In the late 90s, Peter formed a side project called The Space Pilots, they were a big success in Japan. In 2000, Peter separated from his wife.

Peter currently resides in Munich, Germany

When "Major Tom" was released, there was quite a bit of speculation that the song was a retelling of the David Bowie classic Space Oddity. For several ...

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