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"Peterpan" is an Indonesian pop rock band from Antapani, Bandung, famous through the following songs: "Mimpi yang Sempurna","Ada Apa Denganmu", "Topeng", and "Kukatakan Dengan Indah".

This band has six members, among them are: Ariel (vocal), Uki (guitar), Loekman (bas), Reza (drum), Andika (keyboard), and Indra (guitar).

Their albums include Bintang Di Surga,''Taman Langit''.

They are also notable for the Soundtrack of the film: ALEXANDRIA, which included five new songs for the film and renditions of five of their old songs in Bintang Di Surga. They featured in the song "Menunggumu" (Waiting for you)with Chrisye (a well known Javanese Artist who started his carier since the late 70s), the theme song of an Indonesian Soap Opera "Liontin 1" and "Liontin 2".

In the Indonesian AMI awards 2005, Peterpan received the title of "Best Pop Alternative Band" through the song "Kukatakan Dengan Indah".

They also won the best pop band in 2006 SCTV award.

Gossips is also surrounded this band, especially the lead vocalist, Ariel.The media said that he has a special relationship with Indonesian former models, Luna Maya and Andhara Early.

Ariel married Sarah Amelia, the ...

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