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"The Phenomenauts" are a San Francisco bay area band that combine elements of rock and roll, pop, punk, New Wave, and rockabilly with a science fiction theme that also appears in their lyrics.

The Phenomenauts were formed in 2000 in Oakland, California (which the band refers to as Earth's capital) from Space Patrol, Phenomenaut vocalist/guitarist Angel Nova's mid 90's cover band. Two years later they released their first CD, Rockets And Robots on their own Arlington Lab Records. That year critical success came in the form of being chosen as California's Best Live Band by the East Bay Express and by being called the Best Lifestyle Music artist by the San Francisco Weekly.

The band signed with Springman Records in 2002, then gained notoriety in 2003 for tagging along with the Warped Tour for the their first national tour, which they were invited to officially play again in 2004 and 2005.

*Rockets And Robots (CD, 2000 Arlington Lab Records/2002 Springman Records)

*Mission Transmission (7", 2003 Springman Records)

*Pre-Entry (EP-CD, 2004 Springman Records)

*Re-Entry (CD, 2004 Springman Records)

*Beyond Warped Live Music Series (DualDisc, 2005 immergent Reco...

years active 2000 - present
origin Oakland, California
country United States of America
music genre Rockabilly
New Wave music
current members Commander Angel Nova
Corporal JoeBot 2.0
Major Jimmy Boom
Captain Chreehos
Professor Greg Arius
past members Corporal JoeBot
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia