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Phil Coulter

"Phil Coulter" (born 19 February, 1942) is a Northern Irish songwriter, performer and music producer. With writing his partner Bill Martin he penned numerous hit songs for a variety of popular singers in the 1960's and 70' and in the 1980s scored major successes performing his own material. He continues to be a popular performer in his native country and around the world.


Coulter is from Derry (also known as Londonderry), the second largest city of Northern Ireland. The two names attributed to the city have considerable significance in a divided region, and Coulter's family was acutely aware of this point of "difference", if only because his father was a policeman, one of the few Catholic members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

One of Phil Coulter's most popular songs, "The Town I Loved So Well", deals with the embattled city of his youth, filled with "that damned barbed wire" during ''The Troubles''.

Coulter's father, also called Phil, encouraged music in the house. He played the fiddle while the younger Coulter's mother played the upright piano - a Challen piano, which the son recalls was "the most important piece of furniture in the house".



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