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"Piebald" is an Alternative rock band. Piebald started as a hardcore band in Andover, Massachusetts, out of the same scene that produced legends Converge. They later moved to the Boston suburb of Somerville and became a staple of the Greater Boston indie rock scene. Two members still live in the Boston area, while two others now live in Los Angeles.

Their first gig, a "Battle of the Bands", is chronicled on their two-CD set ''Barely Legal/All Ages''. From the liner notes: ".. from the sound board (sic) 1994 battle of the bands, Piebald lost."

From there on, they recorded and played shows together semi-seriously. Shortly therafter in 1995, Piebald started recording, which amounted to a 4-track demo, and a 2 track split. The driving hardcore sound exhibited during these years was highlighted by the technical playing of drummer Jon Sullivan, and the deep screams of vocalist and guitarist Travis Shettel.


A turning point in Piebald's career came when they recorded seven tracks, and put them on the CD that came to be known as ''Sometimes Friends Fight''. Their musical sound had greatly matured, and Travis' lyrical ability was finally brought to the forefront of the ...

origin Andover, Massachusetts
country United States
music genre Indie Rock
current members Andrew Bonner
Luke Garro
Travis Shettel
Aaron Stuart
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia