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"Pitchshifter" are a British metal/industrial band from Nottingham. Pioneers of industrial metal, they were known for their innovative use of drum machines and samples, but later played a fusion of metal and dance music. Their earlier music was total Godflesh worship music, fusing down tuned guitar riffs with sludgy drum machines. Pitchshifter broke up in 2003, after playing a farewell club tour in the UK.

The band was originally started by Johnny Carter with Mark Clayden who took bass and vocal duties. Soon to join the band for vocal and programming input was JS Clayden. The band can be analysed as to having two eras, the first in which the band played and pioneered British industrial metal with early albums such as ''Industrial and Submit''.

The band started to change in style on 1996's ''Infotainment'' album where they took on a hip hop influence. The band then released their breakthrough effort entitled ''''. This album saw JS Clayden change his singing style to a less 'shouty' style into what is now considered the 'Pitchshifter voice'.

The two studio albums, ''Deviant'' and ''PSI'', which followed saw the band progress their trademark soun...

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