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Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

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"Platinum Blonde" was a Canadian New Wave group in the 1980s. The band originally consisted of Mark Holmes (vocals, bass), Sergio Galli (guitar) and Chris Steffler (drums). Kenny MacLean later joined the group. The name of the band was inspired by the 1931 Jean Harlow movie ''Platinum Blonde''. They were known also for their stylish glam rock-like appearance dressing in pastel colour outfits and music videos.

In 1983 with the release of the album "Standing in the Dark" the band invaded the airwaves in Canada with four hit singles, a double platinum album, and two Juno (Canada's national music Awards) nominated songs: "Standing In The Dark" and "It Doesn't Really Matter". Their music videos were placed into high rotation on the newly created Much Music, Canada's national music video network. Within months some were calling Platinum Blonde "Canada's Duran Duran" because of their similar glamorous image and cutting-edge, futuristic New Wave videos.

In 1985, the band released a second album called "Alien Shores", featuring the addition of a fourth member, Kenny MacLean. "Alien Shores" went quintuple plat...

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