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Player was a popular rock band formed in Los Angeles, California during the late 1970s. They actually began as a garage band -- literally playing in the garage at Ronn Moss's house. The original members of the band included Peter Beckett (guitar, vocals), John Crowley (guitar, vocals), Wayne Cooke (keyboard, vocals), Ronn Moss (bass, vocals), and John Friesan (drums). After extensively playing the local L.A. club scene, Player was signed to RSO Records in 1977 and the rest is history.

Player gained great popularity as a live act during the heyday of seventies stadium rock. They began to develop a very distinctive edgy yet very melodic rock style. Their biggest hit, "Baby Come Back," rose to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978. Their follow up single, "This Time I'm In It For Love," also cracked the Top 10 the same year. Among several notable accolades, Player was named Billboard's Best New Singles Artist of 1978. Eric Clapton became so impressed with Player that he invited them to open for him during his 1979 North American Tour. This further fueled their popularity. Eventually, the band began to headline their own events. Player rele...

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