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"Pleymo" is a nu-metal (néo-metal in French) band from France. They have gone as far as to tour all the way in Japan and sounded similar to Limp Bizkit until Rock, which presented a lighter, non-rap oriented sound, was released.

*Mark Maggiori (Kemar): Vocals, Blue.

*Erik Devilloutreys (Riko): Guitar, Green.

*Davy Portela (Vost): Guitar, Yellow.

*Benoit Julliard (B1): Bass, Red.

*Fred Ceraudo (Burns): Drums, White.

*Frank (Kefran): DJ, Black.

The nicknames and colors attribute to the "Medicine Cake" era.

*Démo (Keckispasse) (1998)

*Keckispasse (1999)

*Episode 2: Medecine Cake (2002)

*(EP)Live (2002)

*Doctor Tank's Medicine Cake (2002)

*Rock (2003)

*Ce Soir C'est Grand Soir (2005, Live)

*Next LP TBA Sept. 2006

*Ce Soir C'est Grand Soir (2005, Live, Double DVD)



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