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Pointer Sisters

Pointer Sisters

"Pointer Sisters" are an American R&B group and recording act from Oakland, California that achieved great success during the 1970s and 1980s. Spanning four decades together between 1969 and the recent date, their repertoire has included diverse genres as R&B, jazz, bebop, country, soul, funk, disco/dance and rock.

The group originally comprised four sisters: Ruth (born March 19, 1946), Anita (born January 23, 1948), Bonnie (born July 11, 1951) and June, (November 30, 1953 - April 11, 2006). First formed as a duo, they achieved their greatest success as a trio after Bonnie left the group to commence a solo career.

As children the girls were encouraged to sing gospel music by their parents Reverend Elton and Mrs Sarah Pointer, but in their household they were told rock and roll and the blues were "the devil's music", and it was only when they were away from their watchful parents that they could sing these styles of music. They regularly sang at the church but as they grew older their love of other styles of music began to grow. When June brought home a copy of the Elvis Presley record ''All Shook Up'', she was surprised that her mother allowed her to play it, until s...

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