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"Polysics" are a Japanese New Wave/synth-pop/J-Rock band, hailing from Tokyo. The band started in 1997, but got their big break in 1998 at a concert in Tokyo. They create high energy music, fusing conventional guitar music, with synthesized and computer generated sound to create a unique mixture of punk and pop, heavily inspired by the American band Devo. Their song lyrics often consist of Japanese, broken English, or just plain gibberish ("Space Language"). The band has been noted for their extremely energetic live performances and their wild gimmicky outfits.

Since 1999 Polysics have released several albums. The albums ''1st P'' and ''A.D.S.R.M!'' were released on the independent label DECKREC Records. Just after the release of ''1st P'' their bassist, known only as "POLY-2", left. The band dropped the "POLY-''X''" names, and reduced to a trio, with new member Fumi on Bass Support on some of the tracks from ''Neu''. In 1999, Asian Man Records released their US Debut album, ''Hey! Bob! My Friend'' to rave reviews, but weak sales. The album was a compilation of tracks from their first two Japanese releases. In 2000, Polysics signed to Ki/oon Records (a subsidiary of Sony Mu...

Background turquoise
Border white
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Instrument Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers, Drums.
Genre New Wave/J-Rock/Synth Pop
Years active 1997 - Present
Current members Hiroyuki Hayashi, Kayo, Fumi, Yano.
Past members Junichi Sugai, Ishimaru, Sako (AKA Poly-2).
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