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Poor Old Lu

Poor Old Lu was a pioneering alternative Christian band based in the American Northwest. The band experimented with a variety of sounds and genres, particularly grunge, funk and psychedelic rock. Most distinct were Scott Hunter's vocals, simultaneously melodic and menacing. The band as a whole owed a debt to Pink Floyd and The Cure for its high emphasis on atmosphere, and to Nirvana for its edge. Drummer Jesse Sprinkle was among the band's greatest assests, propelling song after song with his mastery of the drum kit. Scott proved to be a tremendous lyricist with philosophical, metaphorical, and spiritually-oriented topics. Common themes in the lyrics include introspective struggles with identity and spirituality, struggles with a superficial, secular, and modern society, and hope for life abundant.

The name refers to a segment in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, in which Lucy ('Lu'), returns from Narnia and tells her brother, Peter. Peter doesn't believe her story, however, and responded patronizingly, "Poor old Lu, hiding and nobody noticed."

While Poor Old Lu developed an extremely loyal following, it did not achieve wide p...

years active 1990-1996 (and once more in 2002)
origin Vashon Island, Washington
country United States
music genre Alternative rock
current members Scott Hunter
Jesse Sprinkle
Aaron Sprinkle
Nick Barber
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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