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"Possessed" was an early death metal band formed in 1983, in El Sobrante, California (slightly North of San Francisco), and have often been credited for creating and paving the way of this genre.

They released their landmark debut album ''Seven Churches'' in 1985, predating Morbid Angel and Death. The record combined thrash metal music and the first known death grunts, although not as guttural as the death metal growls of today. After releasing a couple lesser known albums, Possessed disbanded. Some time after their last release (somewhere around 1989) Jeff Becerra was left paralyzed in a shooting accident (this after he and Mike Torrao recorded a new demo). Torrao brought back the Possessed name once again in 1993 with a new line-up which recorded two demos before folding for good. Guitarist Larry Lalonde has gone on to major success with Primus.

*Jeff Becerra - Lead vocals, bass

*Larry LaLonde - guitar

*Mike Sus - Drums

*Mike Torrao - guitar


*''Seven Churches'' (1985)

*''Beyond the Gates'' (1986)

*''The Eyes of Horror'' (1987)


*''Death Metal'' (1984)

*''1991 Demo'' (1991)

*''1993 Demo'' (1993)


*''Resurrection'' (Compilation...

years active 1983 – 1993
status Inactive
country United States
music genre Death Metal, Thrash Metal
current members *Jeff Becerra - Lead vocals, Bass (instrument)
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source: Wikipedia