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Possum Dixon

"Possum Dixon" (1989-1999) was an American alternative rock band. For the better part of their 10 year existence, the Los Angeles based quartet etched and sustained an imprint on the 1990s alternative rock and roll scene. Fronted by singer/songwriter/bassist Rob Zabrecky, literate songs about love lost and slacker life in Los Angeles and a penchant for unpredictable performances set them apart from the herd of other rock and roll hopefuls.

Formed in 1989 by college friends Zabrecky and Celso Chavez (guitar), the pair took their name from a suspected murderer mentioned on television show ''America's Most Wanted''. Initially performing as a duo, they mixed haphazard punk-folk compositions with store-front theatre to some measurable success, primarily performing at LA art/coffeehouses (Be Bop Records, Jabberjaw, Pik-Me-Up). The following year, longtime friends and former schoolmates Robert O’Sullivan (guitar/organ/keyboards) and Rich Truel (drums) were enlisted and together a fuller musical range was explored. Chronicling their hometown's east side slacker life with a pop-rock sensibility, the band smartly incorporated influences from the Talking Heads, Human Hands, Wall of ...

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