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Powerman 5000

"Powerman 5000" are a Boston-based alternative metal band formed in 1989. Frontman Spider One (Michael Cummings) is the younger brother of Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings).


In 1990, Spider dropped out of art school and bought a cheap 4-track home studio and drum machine. Working under the title "MC Spider", he recorded "Much Evil" with producer Lamar Lowder. Building on local success, he built a band under the name Powerman 5000. Their style was in the nature of rap/metal that had yet to gain popularity. In 1991, longtime guitarist Adam 12 (Adam Williams) joined the band. In 1994 and 1995, Powerman released two independent records, ''True Force'' and ''The Blood Splat Rating System''. Both albums were local successes.

In 1996, Powerman 5000 appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, where one of the characters was to shoot a music video for the song "Strike the Match" from ''True Force''.


In 1997, the band signed to Dreamworks Records and released a re-recording of ''The Blood Splat Rating System'' (with two new tracks) titled ''Mega!! Kung Fu Radio''. The band toured and released singles such as "Organizized" and "Tokyo Vigilante #1". In 1999, Guitarist M.33 (Mike T...

years active 1989 – Present
status Active
country Boston, Massachusetts, USA
music genre Alternative Metal
Punk Rock
current members Siggy Sjursen
Johnny Rock
Spider One
Terry Corso
Adrian Ost
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia