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Prairie Oyster

"Prairie Oyster" are a Canadian country music group.

The band formed in 1974 as a trio, consisting of singer/bassist Russell de Carle, guitarist Keith Glass and steel guitarist Denis Delorme. They toured and performed on television, but did not record; they subsequently broke up in 1978. In 1982, the band reunited, adding fiddler John P. Allan, keyboardist Joan Besen and drummer Bruce Moffat to the lineup.

In 1996, Moffat was replaced by Bohdan Hluszko on the album ''Blue Plate Special'', but Hluszko was fired from the band the following year after coming out as transgendered.

* ''Oyster Tracks'' (1986)

* ''Different Kind of Fire'' (1990)

* ''Everybody Knows'' (1991)

* ''Only One Moon'' (1994)

* ''Blue Plate Special'' (1996)

* ''What is This Country'' (1998)

* ''String of Pearls'' (2000)

* Prairie Oyster Fan Club

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