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Project 86

"Project 86" is a post-hardcore band from Orange County, California consisting of Andrew "Macabre" Schwab (vocals), Randy "Randeath" Torres (guitar), Stephen "Dail" Dail (bass), and Alex "The Hatchet" Albert (drums).

In 1998, Project 86 released its self-titled debut on BEC Recordings, a sublabel of Tooth & Nail Records. Immediately the band was labeled "rapcore". Though Schwab's vocals could barely be called rapping, it was a convenient label due to the popularity of that genre of music at the time. After putting out their second album ''Drawing Black Lines'' (2000), the band was taken on by Atlantic Records. However, the promised re-release of ''Drawing Black Lines'' went from being a full-fledged reissue with new artwork and three new songs to nothing more than a bare bones repackaging of the exact same album.

At the outset of its career, Project 86 shared the stage with rock n' roll greats P.O.D. and Blindside on the now infamous Warriors Tour. Project (as the band is often referred to by its fans) has played mainstage at both Christian and secular festivals, and has shared the stage with other well known bands such as Queensr├┐che, Linkin Park, Dead Poetic, and S...

years active 1996–present
country United States
music genre Post-Hardcore
Alternative metal
Christian Rock
current members Andrew Schwab
Randy Torres
Stephen Dail
Alex Albert
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia