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Project Wyze

"Project Wyze" was a Canadian rapcore band active in the early 2000s.

Originally formed as a hip hop duo in Sudbury, Ontario in 1988 by rappers Yas Taalat and Bobby McIntosh, the pair subsequently moved to London, Ontario after high school. In 1995, they were invited to freestyle with a punk band consisting of guitarists Adam Arsenault and Sasha Kosovic, bassist Elie Abdelnour and drummer Brad Dean which evolved into an ongoing collaboration. In 1998, the group released its debut EP, ''Trapz of Poetic Poison'', on an independent label. In 2000, they followed up with the album ''Only If I Knew''.

They subsequently signed to Sony Music and released their major label debut, ''misfits.strangers.liars.friends'', in 2001. That album spawned the Canadian hit singles "Nothing's What it Seems" and "Room to Breathe".

The band subsequently broke up, and Yas and Bobby went on to form the more conventional hip hop group Dead Celebrity Status.

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