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Proud Mary

"Proud Mary" are a four-piece guitar-based rock band from Manchester, England, named after the song by Creedence Clearwater Revival (also covered by Elvis Presley and Tina Turner).

They are perhaps most famous for being championed by Noel Gallagher of Oasis; they released their debut album, ''The Same Old Blues'', on his record label, Sour Mash. Unfortunately, in part due to Gallagher's reputation, the record's sales didn't live up to early expectations.

Their career received a boost in 2001 when they played as support to Stereophonics at Donington Park (14 July 2001) and later at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (21 July 2001) at the two massive concerts organised by Stereophonics and known as "A Day at the Races". Other artists who performed that day included The Black Crowes and Ash.

The band's style in many ways emulates such artists as The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and The Byrds, and this led to them being criticised by such publications as the NME as being lesser imitators of such artists.

Members have included:

* Raul Newscome

* Greg Griffter

* Kev Knottee

* Saddam Gray

* Tez Kirkbridge

* K'ellis

* Ian Heslop

* Mickey Pourke

* Sir Gav...

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