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Public Disturbance

Public Disturbance was a punk band from the central New Jersey shore area of United States that formed circa 1979 and included members Tom ??? on Vocals Paul Cowen on guitar, Daryll Hell on bass & John Radcliffe on Drums. In their time, the group played with the Dead Kennedys Bad Posture and Flipper at venues such as City Gardens in Trenton, New Jersey and CBGB in New York City. The group released one self-titled album and a single S&M (featuring artwork by Lori Wenning who would go on to become the vocalist of the Proto Grunge LA punk band the Nymphs under the name Inger Lorre). Daryll Hell went on to perform in the New York area under the name DJ Hell. The whereabouts of Paul Cowen and the other members are unknown. Los Angeles punk fanzine Flipside named the Public Disburbance LP on its "best of" list. Songs by the band include "Eastern Seaboard Blackout", "S & M", "Do The Fad".

Since the early 80s a few Bands have used the name Public Disturbace but none of any historical signifigance as of this time. One of which Ian Watkins, of LostPropheys?

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