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Pulse Ultra

Pulse Ultra

"Pulse Ultra" is a metal band from Montreal, Canada. The group released one album, Headspace, in 2002.

Childhood friends Dominic Cifarelli (guitarist) and Jeff Feldman (bassist) often gigged at local parties during the 1990s, forming the base for Pulse Ultra. It was not until 1997 until the two befriended the future drummer, Maxx Zinno and vocalist, Zo Vissa. In summer 2000, a chance meeting with Taproot's manager led to a record deal with Atlantic Records - and in 2002, their debut album, ''Headspace'', was recorded and released.

* The band's main single from the album, ''Build Your Cages'', appeared in the Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 soundtrack.

* Pulse Ultra list Limp Bizkit and The Deftones as influences.

* ''Build Your Cages'' was covered by Seether

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years active 1997-present
origin Montreal, Canada
music genre Hard Rock, Alternative Metal
current members Zo Vissa
Dominic Cifarelli
Jeff Feldman
Maxx Zinno
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia