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"Punchline" is a pop-punk band from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, formed in 1998.

Fans of Punchline are referred to as "Punchkids" by the band and themselves.

Punchline started with the meeting of lead singer/guitarist Steve Soboslai, bassist Chris Fafalios and drummer PJ Caruso, who attended high school together; they started Punchline when Chris was a senior and PJ and Steve were both juniors. As a three-piece in 1998, Punchline played local shows and recorded poppy and sometimes ska-influenced punk, especially on the band's first release "How to Get Kicked Out of the Mall."

In 1999 the band self-produced and self-released the full-length "Punchline," and co-produced "Major Motion Picture" with Billy Rossi for an August 2001 release after the trio was joined by guitarist/vocalist Paul Menotiades. The four recorded "The Rewind EP" in 2002, again collaborating with Billy Rossi. The band also signed to Fueled By Ramen Records in 2003 and "The Rewind EP" was remixed and remastered by Shelly Yakus for its Fueled By Ramen re-release. The early pressings included The Rewind Documentary DVD.

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years active 1998–present
origin Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, United States
music genre Pop punk/Alternative rock
current members (from left): Steve Soboslai, Greg Wood, Chris Fafalios, PJ Caruso
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia