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Pungent Stench

Pungent Stench are a darkly humorous death metal band from Vienna, Austria who formed in 1988. Their current lineup consists of Martin Schirenc (vocals/guitars), Marius ? (bass), and Alex Wank (sic) (drums). They dissolved in 1995 and re-formed in 1999.

Martin Schirenc is also leader of the symphonic black metal band Hollenthon.


  • Martin Schirenc - vocals, guitars (aka: Don Cochino, El Cochino, Grandmaster Flesh)
  • Marius Mausna - Bass (aka: Reverend Mausna)
  • Alex Wank - Drums (aka: Rector Stench, Mr. Stench, Sex Slave)

  • Fabio Testi - Bass (aka: Testy)
  • Jacek Perkowski - Bass (aka: Pitbull Jack, High Jack)

*Mucus Secretion (Self-released demo, 1988) *split w/ Disharmonic Orchestra (Nuclear Blast, 1989) *Extreme Deformity (7" EP under Nuclear Blast, 1989) *For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh (Nuclear Blast, 1990) *Blood, Pus and Gastric Juice (split 7" EP with Benediction under Nuclear Blast, 1990) *Been Caught Buttering (Nuclear Blast, 1991) *For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh (Nuclear Blast, 199...

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