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Pure Prairie League

"Pure Prairie League" was a popular American soft rock and country rock band founded in 1969 in Waverly, Ohio by Craig Fuller, Tom McGrail, Jim Caughlin, and John David Call, and active in the 1970s and early 1980s. Their biggest hits included "Let Me Love You Tonight" and "Amie". Vince Gill, now a major country music star as a solo artist, sang and played guitar in later incarnations of the band.

The band was named for an actual temperance organization formed in the late 19th century.

Pure Prairie League's greatest hit was "Amie" from ''Bustin' Out.'' Coincidentally, Vince Gill is now married to Amy Grant.

*''Pure Prairie League'' (1972)

*''Bustin' Out'' (1972)

*''Two Lane Highway'' (1975)

*''Dance'' (1976)

*''If the Shoe Fits'' (1976)

*''Just Fly'' (1978)

*''Can't Hold Back'' (1979)

*''Firin' Up'' (1980)

*''Something in the Night'' (1981)

*''All In Good Time'' (2005)

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