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"Puressence" is the name of an indie rock band from Failsworth, in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester, England. The band consists of four members.

*"James Mudriczki": Vocals

*"Lowell Killen": Guitar

*"Kevin Matthews": bass guitar

*"Tony Szuminski": drums/percussion


The band arrived on the scene in 1992, having played a series of gigs at Manchester’s In The City festival.

Manchester City fans James Mudriczki, Neil McDonald, Anthony Szuminski and Manchester United fan Kevin Matthews met on a bus on their way to watch The Stone Roses play at Spike Island. None of them had tickets so they had to climb over a fence to get a taste of the magic atmosphere! Kevin watched the Roses' Gary Mounfield play bass with such panache that he immediately rushed out afterwards and bought a bass guitar himself. The rest of the lads (who by this time had very little musical experience, although Neil Or 'Nelly' as he was affectionately called, had been playing the guitar since his early teens and was a huge, huge Van Halen fan, originally playing his Halenesque trade in the cellars of Woodley Methodist Church, near where he lived) followed suit and bo...

years active 1991 – Present
status Active
formed in Failsworth
Greater Manchester
music genre Rock music
current members Lowell Killen (2003-)
James Mudriczki (1991-)
Kevin Matthews (1991-)
Tony Szuminski (1991-)
past members Neil McDonald (1991-2003)
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source: Wikipedia