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Python Lee Jackson

Python Lee Jackson was a 1960s Australian band. The group's most famous hit was In a Broken Dream featuring Rod Stewart as guest vocalist.

==Members in Australia=

*Malcolm McGee? - vocals *David Bentley - songwriter, keyboards, vocals *David Montgomery - drums *Mick Liber - guitar *Lloyd Hudson - bass *Bob Welsh - piano *Virgil East - bass

==Early years =

The original Python Lee Jackson line up came together around June 1966 when keyboard player and singer David Bentley and drummer David Montgomery left Sydney group, Jeff St John & The Id to for a new band with former Denverman guitarist Mick Liber and bass player Lloyd Hudson. Relcocating to Melbourne, the quartet added former Wild Cherries singer Malcolm McGee? and signed to CBS.

Python Lee Jackson released two singles in quick succession, “Emergency Ward” c/w “Who Do You Love?” and a cover of Major Lance’s “Um-Um – Um-Um-Um-Um” c/w “Big City Lights” in November and December 1966...

origin Australia
current members David Bentley (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Python Lee Jackson

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