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Q Lazzarus

Q Lazzarus

"Q Lazzarus" is a female African-American singer, best known as a one hit wonder for the song "Goodbye Horses", which was featured in ''Married to the Mob'', ''The Silence of the Lambs'' and ''Clerks II''.

The lead singer of her band of the same name, Q Lazzarus is known for having a husky bass voice not unlike Kathleen Turner. Before she was discovered as a singer, she worked as a taxi driver in New York City. The band dissolved at some point before 1996. Apart from Q, Mark Barrett and songwriter William Garvey, nothing is known about the other band members.

* "Goodbye Horses"/"White Lines" (single)

* Sang "Heaven" in ''Philadelphia'', another Jonathan Demme movie

* "Goodbye Horses," ''Married to the Mob'', directed by Jonathan Demme

* Contributed music for ''Twisted''

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* Psyche's ''Goodbye Horses'' live performance

* Psyche's ''Goodbye Horses'' story

* Q Lazarus on MySpace (tribute)


years active 1988-1996
country United States
music genre Pop music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia