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"Quarterflash" was a pop-rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1980. The band was made up of lead singer and saxophonist Rindy Ross, her husband guitarist Marv Ross, guitarist Jack Charles, keyboardist Rick DiGiallonardo, bassist Rich Gooch and drummer Brian David Willis. Their original name was "Seafood Mama".

The band signed to Geffen Records and released their self-titled debut album ''Quarterflash'' in 1981. The album was a success, scored their biggest hits with "Harden My Heart", which hit #3 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart and another "Find Another Fool" which hit #16.

Quarterflash released their second album ''Take Another Picture'' in 1983 and scored with a minor hit "Take Me to Heart", which hit #14. Overall, this album did not fare as well as the first.

The group released their final album ''Back Into Blue'' in 1985 and they later disbanded after getting dropped from Geffen Records.

Five years later in 1990, Quarterflash reunited, hiring studio savvy musicians, Sandin Wilson, bass/vocals, Greg Williams, drums, Doug Fraser, explosive guitars, and Mel Kubik on sax and keys and released ''Girl In the Wind'' on Epic Records. Rindy and Marv Ross are ...

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