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Quietdrive is an alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They formed in 2002 when vocalist Kevin Truckenmiller of St. John's University was contacted by drummer Brandon Lanier, guitarist Justin Bonhiver, and bassist Droo Hastings to start a band. Truckenmiller's other project, Sneaker 2 Bombs, included college poker buddy and guitarist Matt Kirby. Soon, both bands merged and took the name Sneaker 2 Bombs but quickly changed their name to The Never Ending, then back to Sneaker 2 Bombs and finally Quietdrive. After three EPs with a harder rock sound than their the current, Quietdrive released a few demo tapes along with an EP commemorating with a label signing in late 2004 with Epic Records. It wasn't long before they began work on their first CD, entitled When All That's Left Is You. It was released in May of 2006, with its first single being Rise From The Ashes. Matt Kirby has been quoted in saying that the band wants to explore different sounds in their sophomore album, including the harder rock sounds from their past.

==Current members=

  • Kevin Truckenmiller: Voca...
    years active 2002 – present
    status Active
    country Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    music genre Alternative rock
    Pop punk
    current members Kevin Truckenmiller
    Brandon Lanier
    Matt Kirby
    Justin Bonhiver
    Droo Hastings
    website Official site
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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