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Raga Rockers

"Raga Rockers" is a Norwegian rock band from Oslo with Michael Krohn on vocals. The band was formed in 1982 by front man Michael Krohn. The other members were Livio Aiello on bass, Bruno Hovden on guitar, Jan Arne Kristiansen on drums, Tore Berg on guitar, Hugo Alvarstein on Keyboards, and Nils Aune on guitar and keyboards. They recorded their very first album in 1983, called ''The Return of the Raga Rockers''. One year later they recorded their second album - ''Maskiner i Nirvana''.

The band is one of the most successful Norwegian rock bands of all times. In 2000 they recorded their last, selftitled, album.


*Michael Krohn - vocals 1982-present)

*Tore Berg - guitar 1984–2000-present)

*Livio Aiello - bass (1982-present)

*Jan Arne Kristiansen - drums and percussion (1982-present)

*Nils Aune - guitar, keyboards 1988-1989–1998-present)

*Hugo Alvarstein - &;ndash keyboards

Bruno Hovden played on the albums The return of the Raga Rockers'' and Maskiner i Nirvana''. Nils Aune credited on the albums Forbudte følelser'' (1988) and ''Blaff'' (1989). He was out of Raga Rockers for 9 years before he came back in 1998

*''The Return Of The Raga R...

years active 1982 –present
origin Oslo, Norway
music genre Rock and roll
current members Michael Krohn
Tore Berg
Livio Aiello
Jan Arne Kristiansen
Nils Aune
Hugo Alvarstein
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source: Wikipedia