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"Raimundos" are a popular Brazilian hardcore punk band (with influences of forró), formed in Brasília in 1987.

Their biggest influence are The Ramones (hence the "Brazilianized" name), and the band suffered a loss of popularity after their leader, Rodolfo Abrantes, became an evangelical Christian. Curiously enough, after he left the band, he formed another hardcore band called Rodox, whose most drastic difference to Raimundos was the subject of the lyrics - prominently personal thoughts, leading many to believe there were christian messages embedded in their meanings.

Some of their hits include "I Saw You Saying (That You Say What You Saw)" (about a guy who meets Madonna, but doesn´t know anything about English), "A Mais Pedida"("The Most Requested", a spoof to pagode),"Puteiro em João Pessoa" (Bordello in João Pessoa), "Selim" (lyric:"I want to be...the seat of the bicycle''(selim)''") and "Mulher de Fases" (that won the Brazilian VMA of Viewer's Choice).

Raimundos also made a song for the Brazilian Mission: Impossible II soundtrack.

And Rodox a song for the Brazilian Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life soundtrack.

* Rodolfo (singer and guitar,left in ...

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