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Rainhard Fendrich

"Rainhard J├╝rgen Fendrich" (born 27 February 1955 in Wien) is an Austrian singer. He is one of the most successful musicians of the so-called music " Austropop."

Rainhard Fendrich writes and sings songs in "Wiener-dialekt" - Viennese slang.

He was immortalised locally, and is massively famous throughout the whole of Austria, for his song "I am from Austria" (which except for this one line is written in the Austrian dialect), which has since become an anthem.

He co-wrote a stage show which was for the most part a flop.

He has been recording and performing since 1980, and recently released yet another album (which is unlikely to be available outside the German speaking world).

As well as working as a solo artist, he plays with two other German-speaking guitarists and singers under the name "Austria 3." They also play songs in Austrian dialect, and are probably most famous for their version of "I am from Austria" - although it is almost identical to the solo version.

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