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Rata Blanca

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"Rata Blanca" is a classic heavy metal band from Argentina that formed in the 1980s. Its name means "white rat".

The band was founded by Walter Giardino after he left V8. Rata Blanca played together for about two years before their debut on August 15 1987 in the theater "Luz y Fuerza" in Buenos Aires. They later took part in the "Halley en Obras", along with other bands: Alakrán, JAF and Kamikaze, in 1988. That year they made their debut album with two hits: "Chico Callejero" ("Street Boy") and "El Sueño de la Gitana" ("Gypsy's Dream").

In 1989, Hugo Bistolfi joined the band and then Saúl Blanch left, to be replaced by Adrián Barilari. With that arrangement, the band made its second album ''Magos, Espadas y Rosas'' ("Wizards, Swords, and Roses") They released two records between 1989 and 1994 called "Guerrero del Arco Iris ("Rainbow Warrior") and "El Libro Oculto" ("The Secret Book"), singer Adrián Barilari left the band being replaced by Mario Ian, with this line-up they released ''Entre el Cielo y la Tierra'' ("Between Heaven and Earth"). Later that year, they were invited to play in "Festival Monsters of Rock" in S...

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