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Ray Boltz

"Ray Boltz" is a singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music, whose songs often tell stories of faith and inspiration.

*1986 ''Watch the Lamb''

*1989 ''The Altar''

*1991 ''Another Child to Hold''

*1992 ''Seasons Change''

*1994 ''Thank You''

*1994 ''Allegiance''

*1994 ''Moments for the Heart'' (RIAA Gold Certified)

*1995 ''The Concert of a Lifetime'' (live, RIAA Gold Certified)

*1996 ''No Greater Sacrifice''

*1997 ''A Christmas Album: Bethlehem Star''

*1998 ''Honor and Glory''

*2000 ''The Classics''

*2001 ''Moments for the Heart, Vol. 1 & 2''

*2001 ''Concert of a Lifetime for Kids'' live

*2002 ''Songs from the Potter's Field''

*2004 ''The Unchanging Story''


"Album" - Billboard (North America)

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!align="left" valign="top"|Year

!align="left" valign="top"|Album

!align="left" valign="top"|Chart

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|align="center" valign="top"|1995

|align="center" valign="top"|''The Concert Of A Lifetime''

|align="center" valign="top"|The Billboard 200

|align="center" valign="top"|#194


|align="center" valign="top"|1996


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