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Red House Painters

"Red House Painters" is an alternative rock group formed in 1989 in San Francisco by singer/songwriter Mark Kozelek. They are described, along with American Music Club, as one of the lynchpins of the slowcore movement in alternative rock. Kozelek used this group primarily as a vehicle for his very personal and emotional songs of despair, pain and suffering.

Kozelek was a troubled teenager in the 1980s, being addicted to drugs at a very early age. He entered rehab intermittently during those years and began to play guitar. While in Atlanta, he became friends with Anthony Koutsos, a drummer. He then moved to San Francisco, adding guitarist Gorden Mack and bassist Jerry Vessel to complete the lineup for Red House Painters.

They signed up with 4AD Records in England in 1992. 4AD issued the group's first demos as an album entitled ''Down Colorful Hill''. It was a compilation of haunting melodies complemented by Kozelek's eerie yet rich and emotional vocals. In 1993, the group came out with two self-titled records (now commonly referred to as ''Rollercoaster'' and ''Bridge'' based on their cover artwork), solidifying Kozelek's reputation as a talented songwriter with their h...

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