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Red Warszawa

"Red Warszawa" is a Danish heavy metal band. "Warszawa" is the name of the capital of Poland in Danish and Polish. The name has caused some misunderstandings because Red Warszawa in Danish means "rescue Warszawa".

Vocalist "Lækre" Jens is notoriously known for not being able to sing.

Their lyrics are upbeat or neutral (not "doom and gloom" metal) and oftentimes politically incorrect. All of their songs except for the following are in Danish: ''Die Brügge'', ''Aldi'', ''Prost'', ''Messerman'', ''Nabilat'' (German), ''Den Dystre Staden'', ''Liberte'' (Swedish), and ''Red Warszawa'' (English).

*''Skyd Sven'' (1987) ("Shoot Sven")

*''Helt op I bageren'' (1991) ("All the way up the baker - 'bag' also means rear")

*''Norsk Black Metal'' (1995) ("Norwegian black metal")

*''Hævi mætal og hass'' (1996) ("Heavy Metal and Hash" (spelled incorrectly) - in Danish, hash refers to cannabis.)

*''Julemandens selvmordsbrev'' (1997) ("Santa Claus' suicide note")

*''Skal vi lege doktor?'' (1998) ("Want to play doctor?")

*''Tysk hudindustri'' (2000) ("German skin industry" (i.e., pornography industry))

*''Live aus Kaiser Bierwurst Halle'' (2001)

*''Omvendt blå kors''...

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