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"Redgum" were an Australian folk and political music group. They are most famous for their protest songs exploring the impact of war ("I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)", 1983) and Australian consumer influences on surrounding nations ("I've Been To Bali Too", 1984).

Redgum were formed in 1975 when three students at Flinders University, John Schumann, Michael Atkinson and Verity Truman, collaborated for a musical assessment piece for their Politics and Art course. The trio quickly gained notoriety around the University community for their insightful songs, and by 1976 had been joined by violinist Chris Timms. The group were soon in demand for parties, pubs and rallies throughout South Australia and Victoria, but it was only after the group released their second album, ''Virgin Ground'', in 1980 to strong sales and critical acclaim, that the group became a full-time going concern and started touring the nation.

The first album nevertheless had significant impact, and in the first album 'If You Dont Fight You Lose' the group was one of the few Australian groups prepared to tackle domestic politics and culture with a bite. "One More Boring Night in Adelaide" f...

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