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Remembering Never

"Remembering Never" is an American hardcore band, formed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the late '90s. The band went through numerous lineup changes before releasing their debut EP, 2001's ''Suffocates My Words to You'' on One Day Savior Recordings, and in the following year, their first album, ''She Looks So Good in Red'', was released under the Ferret Records label. The album was generally well-received by critics, drawing comparisons with fellow Floridans Poison the Well and then label-mates From Autumn to Ashes. But overall the band was not satisfied with the release. 2004 saw the release of their sophomore effort, ''Women And Children Die First'', which expanded the band's musical vision with less personal lyrics and more mature musicianship. ''God Save Us'' is Remembering Never's third album, and was released by Ferret Records on February 21, 2006 and picks up right where they left off.

* ''Pete'' (Vocals)

* ''Grease'' (Guitar)

* ''Norm'' (Guitar)

* ''Aldo'' (Bass)

* ''Danny'' (Drums)

* ''Justin'' (Vocals)

Andres Torres


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